We've got a new sci-fi board game in the works. This is a light, fast paced board game, for 1 to 6 players. Yes, that means it can be played solitaire. More detail later.


Welcome to Fox Games. Here on our website you can find our original games of all sorts and some recommendations of other games. We feature strategy games, print and play games, print on demand games, and the formidable Dog Fight: Starship Edition..

The print and play games we offer are are downloadable immediately. Our print on demand games are printed within 10 business days of placing your order, then shipped to an address of your choice.


Fields of Battle Supplement 1 has been updated with text and spelling corrections. Check it out now at the DriveThruRPG website.


Crossover mazes (meaning the paths go under and over the other paths in the maze) free to print.


A new supplement to the original FOB series is on the way. We have to decide which new dynamics to include in this release and which to save for a later release. What we can say at this point is boats will be added in Primitive Combat Supplement 2.

New cards and new maps will be included. There will also be a few more rules to work with the boat feature.


We have an online store at where players of Dog Fight: Starship Edition can find the comprehensive Amplified Rulebook. This rulebook is replete with examples, illustrations, and a very user friendly design. Check it out today!


Shogi is a Japanese form of chess somewhat similar to traditional western chess. Here you can find an applet to play Shogi online or print out a PDF version and play with a friend.


A simple yet gripping chess variant "The King Returns" is included in Fox Games's "Save the Queen". In this capture the flag type game players use only pawns and a King. With a simple movement mechanic players must move one pawn to an opponent's flag point, where the pawn is promoted to a King. The King must return to your own flag point to with the game.

This game can be played using chess pieces, rocks or anything you have on hand.


Many people spend a lot of time sitting on their duffs playing computer and console games. Games are a part of our lives, and this can be a healthy thing. Our goal is to help people meet this need while developing stronger relationships with other humans face to face. Besides, when the power goes out it's nice to have something fun to do.

Many of our games are print and play products. Others are primarily print on demand games.

Fox Games is the games division of Fox Enterprises Limited. We are based in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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Do you have what it takes to captain a starship in combat?

In this tactical board game, customizable card game, and combat miniatures game you have simple actions to choose from. Without the need of an RPG scoresheet you can manage your crew, your weapons, movement and your ship's special abilities. Chase down your opponents and see if you can out Captain the enemy.

Unlike most customizable card games, in Dog Fight: Starship Edition each player controls only one ship, not a fleet of ships or horde of monsters. For 2 or more players.

After 5 years of kitchen table development starter decks, deluxe sets and booster packs are finally available, more on the way soon. Full details on the game are located at the official website:


When you need to break a tie this game might be more satisfying than paper-rock-scissors.

If you have 5 cubed dice you can play this quick dice game. We found this game mentioned on the internet. If there is a tie in this game just roll the last two dice again for a different score.


The first installment in the Fox Games original Fields of Battle series. A board game made the easy way. Just print the PDF file, cut out the cards and find some dice. Playable with community deck or customized individual decks. For 2 or more players.

The core Fields of Battle board/card game is a combat tactics and strategy game set in a pre-gun powder era. This is a FREE print-and-play game.

You and your opponent(s) each have an HQ and a small army. Double-effect cards allow you to add more troops or cause something interesting to happen. Upgrade your troops, move across varying terrain, take advantage of your surroundings and destroy an enemy HQ. Simple yet satisfying.


Fives Suits card game. The goal of Quint is to acquire 5 quintuplets. The round ends when 5 Quints have been played. The player with the highest score after 5 rounds wins the game.


More game maps and new cards for the original Fields of Battle board/card game.

This supplement comprises 3 new maps and 16 new cards for the core game. Alter the map, make more powerful moves, more surprises. This is not a stand alone game, you will need the Primitive Combat core game with this expansion.


Coming soon from Fox Games is "Three Empires of the Ancient Americas", a dice game with multiple levels of game play. It can be simple enough for small children or challenging enough for hobby gamers. No score keeping, just be the first to build 3 temples in your empire.

In this game players roll dice each round, gathering certain denominations for specific purposes. Sixes are used as building stones for your temples, other dice faces do different things. The first to player to build a 3 temples wins.

Check out this nifty keepsake box to store your game bits!


Fields of Battle: Primitive Combat

Can I play cards on an opponent's turn?

Not unless the card says you can, such as with the text "can be activated at any time".

If we play by alternate rules do we have follow all of them?

No, you can pick and choose which alternate rules to play by. But all players in the game should follow the same rules.

Can a unit move the same turn it is deployed?


Do I have to use all of a unit's mobility?


Can I move a unit a little, move another unit, then move the first unit again?

As long as you don't move a unit beyond its mobility limit, yes you can break up movements. Keep track of what you are doing.

Can I use more than 14 dice?

As long as all playes use the same quantity of dice, yes. Make sure your dice are a different color from all of your opponents' dice.

Can I play a card even if I can't pay it's cost? I just want it in my bank.

No. You cannot merely discard a card into your bank. You have to actually play it (meaning you are limited by the quota) and you must pay the costs of any played card.

Can I play a card knowing its effect will be wasted?

As long as you pay all costs associated with the effect, yes you can waste the card.

Is there a limit to the number cards I can hold in hand or have in my bank?

There is no limit for cards in hand or in the bank.

Are face down cards active?

No. Cards are "invested" when placed in the bank face down (paid for), and activated when turned face up. If an invested card has a cost you have to pay for it when placing it on the table.

Do I keep getting the effects of cards in my bank?

Not unless the card stays active. Field cards and Lasting cards stay active. Normal cards are a one-time effect.

Can I invest any card?

No. Place cards face down only if they say to do so. If you choose to play an investment card you MUST place it face down.

This game doesn't print well.

We have successfully printed this game at good quality on numerous printers, using normal printing paper. You may need to print the file at a higher quality. We recommend printing only in black and white.

Are HQ spaces elevated?

No. When moving across HQ spaces treat them as normal terrain.

Can I move dice to see what type of terrain they are on?

Yes, just move them back before you do anything else.

How many copies of these cards can I print?

As many as you want to. If you play a customized game (which is recommended) you may have only 50 cards in your deck.

How many field cards can be played?

Any number of field cards can be played in the game, but only the last Field card played is active. Once a Field card is deactivated it is dead until played from hand again (if ever), but it can still be used as part of a bank cost.

Do multiple units attack simultaneously?

No. All dice act one at a time for all actions.


For the hard core gamer only: Battle for Moscow by Frank Chadwick, a print and play game.

An historical wargame of the German Army's struggle to defeat the Soviet Army and capture Moscow in 1941. Includes downloadable game components, rules, and game credits.


For the hard core gamer only: Turn or Burn by Interformic Games, a print and play game.

Turn or Burn is a fast-paced game of space fighter combat for 2 to 8 players. To start a game, you design your fighter from a deck of system cards. Each turn you play a system or maneuver card facedown to plot the action your fighter will take. The game uses vector movement, so you must plan ahead! When everyone has plotted, all players reveal their actions simultaneously. Fighters move, guns fire, stuff explodes, and it's on to the next turn.


For the hard core gamer only: Interspace by Interformic Games, a print and play game.

InterSpace is a space exploration & exploitation board game for 2 to 4 players. Each player assumes the role of a civilization that has grown beyond its home world and is expanding into the Universe. Players build ships, explore space, colonize planets, and trade with or wage war on the other players. Players also develop new technologies and expand their industrial bases, allowing them to build more and better ships.


Offered by PyroMyth Games. An elegant 2 player game of war, it is easier to learn than chess with the same level of replay you would expect from classic games. The rules for Cannon may be learned quickly yet it is a game that takes time to explore fully.


Mark Steere Games has created an amazing variant on the good old pen and paper maze. Solve it, if you can.


Warp Spawn Games offers this is a cute dice game simulating 2 Superheroes fighting.


For the sake of balance some limitations are necessary for this card game. Here are some common questions along with their answers.

· Q) Is there a maximum limit to the number of cards in hand?
A) No maximum hand limit.

· Q) Can I call Quint more than once in the same turn?
A) No, only once per turn, when it is your turn.

· Q) Can I call Quint when I discard to a discard pile?
A) Yes and no. Your turn ends when you have placed the last card in the discard pile. If you are required to discard more than one card it is still your turn until the last card is discarded. You can call Quint as long as your last card has not yet been discarded.

· Q) Can I look through a discard pile?
A) Only when you are searching the discard pile as a result of calling Quint. Search through the pile only once to verify the card denomination you called (you must show the contents of the pile to all other players while searching).

· Q) Do I have to discard the normal discard cost in addition to the penalty when ending my turn?
A) Pay only which ever requires more cards: normal discard or the penalty.

· Q) Can I build more tricks than just what the level requires?
A) Yes. In fact, this is required to complete the level.